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1. Learn the Warning Signs of Suicide: A wallet card listing the warning signs of suicide 

2. Learn the Warning Signs of Mental Illness: A wallet card listing the warning signs of mental illness

3. Learn the Warning Signs of Bullying: A wallet card listing the warning signs of bullying

4. Warning Signs of Someone with Suicidal Thoughts: A wallet card listing the signs of someone having suicidal thoughts

5. Learn the Warning Signs of Cutting: A wallet card listing the signs of someone cutting themself

6. Learn the Warning Signs of Depression: A wallet card listing the signs of someone with depression

7. Having Trouble Coping?: A wallet card someone might have trying to get through the day.

8. Assessing Suicide Risk: A wallet card with tips for counselors

9. If You Know Someone Who is Suicidal: A brochure about helping someone who is suicidal

10. Mental Illness Brochure: A brochure explaining mental illness

11. Stop Bullying Brochure: A brochure about bullys and how to stop being bullied

12. If Someone You Know is Cutting: A brochure about helping someone who is cutting themself.

13. Helping Someone with Depression: A brochure about helping someone who is showing the signs of depression

14. Addressing Suicidal Thoughts - Quick Guide for Administrators

15. Addressing Suicidal Thoughts - Quick Guide for Clinicians

16. After an Attempt: A brochure guide for medical providers in the ER.  Taking care of suicide attempt survivors.

17. Supporting Your Love One after a suicide attempt: A brochure about supporting a loved one

18. After a Suicide: A brochure about what to do after someone dies from suicide

19. After a Suicide Attempt: A brochure about what to do after someone attempts suicide

20. Seniors and Suicide: Talk to seniors about suicide brochure

21. Plan Your Legacy: Invest in a world without suicide AFSP brochure

22. Quick Guide for Administrators - A guide for administrators to address suicidal thoughts

23. Quick Guide for Clinicians - A guide for clinicians to address suicidal thoughts

24. Understanding Suicide - Fact Sheet

25. Connectedness as a Strategic Direction for the Prevention of Suicidal Behavior - Fact Sheet

26. Self Directed Violence - Surveillance

27. Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools

28. Surviving a Suicide Loss - A Financial Guide

29. Generalized Anxiety Disorder - A brochure about Anxiety Disorder

30. Generalized Anxiety Disorder - A brochure about Anxiety Disorder in Spanish

31. Depression in Women - brochure

32. Men and Depression - brochure

33. Wellness Initiative - What is Wellness? brochure

34. Wellness Initiative - Information for Consumers

35. Wellness Initiative - Information for Health Care Providers

36. Join the Wellness Movement - Guide on Community Activation

37. Building Bridges - Booklet about Mental Health Consumers and Primary Health Care Reps. in Dialogue

38. Building Bridges - Booklet about Mental Health Consumers in Intergenerational Dialogue

39. The 10 by 10 Campaign - A National Wellness Action Plan to Improve Life Expectancy by 10 Years in 10 months

40. Good Mental Health is Ageless - Brochure

41. Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation - Booklet

42. Working Together to Help Youth Thrive in Schools - Booklet

43. Treatment of Children with Mental Issues - Booklet

44. Helping Youth who have Experienced Traumatic Events - Booklet

45, Support for Survivors of Suicide Loss - Booklet

46. Loss and Bereavement Resources - Booklet

47. What Health Providers and Organizations Need to Know About Wellness - Booklet

48. Treatment of Children with Mental Illness - Frequently Asked Questions Booklet

49. Taking Action - A Mental Health Recovery Self Help Educational Program 

50. Managed Mental Health Care - Findings from 1990 - 2005

51. A Journey Toward Health & Hope: a handbook for recovery after a suicide attempt

52. Mental Health Benefits - Designing Employer Sponsored Benefits

53. SAMHSA Newsletter from January/February 2008 - Veterans & Their Families:  
    (SAMHSA stands for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

54. SAMHSA Newsletter Fall 2012 - Preventing Suicide Across the Nation

55. SAMHSA Newsletter Nov./Dec. 2005 - From Hurricane Response to Long Term Recovery

56. SAMHSA Newsletter Sept./Oct. 2005 - Recovery is Key for Mental Health Action Agenda

57. SAMHSA Newsletter Nov./Dec. 2006 - Electronic Records: Health Care in the 21st Century

58. SAMHSA Newsletter Nov./Dec. 2008 - Parity: What Does the New Law Mean?

59. SAMHSA Newsletter Jan./Feb. 2010 - Parity: Landmark Legislation Takes Effect

60. SAMHSA Newsletter Winter/Spring 2012 - Responsible Health

61. Community Conversations About Mental Health - Discussion Guide

62. Community Conversations About Mental Health - Planning Guide

63. Community Conversations About Mental Health - Information Brief

64. Preventing Suicide in Military Families: A brochure listing the warning signs of suicide in the military

65. SAMHSA News Jan/Feb 2008 - Veterans & Their Families

66. SAMHSA News Fall 2011 - Care for Military Members

67. The Truth About Suicide DVD: Real Stories of Depression in College.

68.  More Than Sad DVD:  Preventing Teen Suicide and Teen Depression.

69. More Than Sad DVD: About Teen Depression

70.  Struggling in Silence/Out of the Silence DVD: Physician depression and suicide.

71. Stories of Hope and Recovery DVD: A video guide for suicide attempt survivors.

72. The Family Journey DVD: A Story of Healing and Hope for Suicide Survivors

73. Shared Decision Making DVD: in Mental Health

74. Living with Bipolar Disorder DVD: Stories of People Treated for Bipolar Disorder

75. Depression & Bipolar Awareness DVD: From Diagnosis to Remission 

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